NOVELISTS Transcribe This Tab and Playthrough Video For New Song “Under Different Welkins”


Novelists are a pretty killer prog metal group hailing all the way from Paris, France. Combining heavy, slick guitar parts with soothingly melodic vocals, the band has been slowly rising amongst similar metal acts. Recently, guitarist Florestan Durand got in front of the camera to bring forth a brand new guitar playthrough for the song “Under Different Welkins”, which set to be released on the band’s next record Noir, due out September 8th, 2017. The band also released a music video for the song “The Light, The Fire” back in June of this year, so needless to say, we are ready to receive.

The video was directed by the very talented Pavel Trebukhin, and much like the track, is extremely polished. Now, this isn’t just any old guitar playthrough, but a combination of an on-screen performance and live tab, playalong-style. As the song plays, the tabs gently pan across the screen, so you can follow along with the material as it plays. Pretty cool, eh? I have a feeling this format might actually have a good chance of becoming the new standard for learning songs on guitar in the near future. Not only do you get a really well done playthrough (and bravo to Florestan for doing so!), but the inclusion of the on-screen tabs makes the feeling of the song much more tangible. Obviously, you may want to sit down with the tabs and slow them down when you’re first starting out, but to get it up to speed, this could be the optimal way to do it. We’ll see where this method winds up in the next few years!

Things at the Novelists camp are definitely heating up with the impending release date of their new album, so you should probably do yourself a favor and preorder it here. You wouldn’t want to ignoir that, would you? (I’ll see myself out). Their Facebook and website are also great sources of info, so be sure to get at those as well. Just do the write thing (Because they write novels? Write? Right? Okay, I’m done).

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