NICK JOHNSTON Brings the Mood in The Official Video for “A Sick and Injured Brain”


Shredmeister Nick Johnston has graced the world with a brand-spankin’-new playthrough of the song “A Sick and Injured Brain” from his 2016 LP Remarkably Human. Dripping with all kinds of that sweet, sweet Nick Johnston feel, this tune is the finisher to the album, and boy howdy does it go out in style.

On this almost 10-minute monster of a track, Johnston lays down some driving melodies, memorable hooks, and luscious lead playing. The cinematic video was shot and directed by YYC-based filmmaker Grant Cooper, in what appears to be the attic that all audiophiles have been searching for. With plenty of up close and personal angles on Mr. Johnston’s wonderful fingers, this would be a prime way of figuring out the song on your own (or you could just buy tabs for the whole album). You’ll also get some serious eyefuls of his signature model from Schecter (in “atomic green” nonetheless), which, y’know, isn’t half bad either.

The Canadian rocker just returned from a wonderful trip to Europe, so be sure to follow his antics over on Facebook and his website to see if you can keep up with him.

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