NECROPIA “Sinister” Guitar Playthrough Premiere

If you’ve been sleeping on the debut full-length album from Long Island’s Necropia, you best awake from that slumber and get right to it: Desecration Complex has enough high-powered riffs, slammin’ breakdowns and technical wizardry to keep you awake through tonight, tomorrow and all the way into next week.


Today Gear Gods is pleased to premiere a playthrough video for the band’s track “Sinister” featuring guitarists Peter Lafata and Jonathan Reinheimer. “Sinister” has a little bit of everything on Desecration Complex all packed into one song — simple but catchy chugged riffs, atmospherics, catchy hooks and dazzling harmonized leads, and now you can see up close how the guys do it. Fans of The Faceless, Obscura and Within the Ruins are gonna dig on this hard.

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