NECK OF THE WOODS Cuts It Close In This “Nailbiter” Of A Dual Guitar Playthrough


Neck of the Woods brings you dual guitar playthrough action in this fast-paced ripper from their album The Passenger, out now on Basick Records. They had the following to say about their setup:

The boys both play PRS guitars. Travis (left in the video), a 10 Top Custom 24 with Bare Knuckle Aftermaths, and Dave a satin finish CE 24, customized with a Gotoh double locking them unit. There are also two other CE 24’s in the NOTW guitar arsenal.
“We find they’re a great fit for our style of music. They’re very versatile guitars which is handy for cleans, and they just look incredibly classy. You also never feel confined to playing one style or genre on a PRS, which I think leads to our dynamic sound and approach to song writing.” – Dave Carr
For amps, Dave rocks a cosmically modded EVH 5150iii 50w, and Travis a Seafoam Green Revv Generator 120.
“The Revv sonically fits in 5150 tone territory, but is by no means limited to that. They pair well together, different enough sounding without it being drastic. And live, they always cut through’ – Travis Hein.
Orange 3/4 stacks can be found below the heads. For pedals, Travis runs a Fractal AX8 in 4 Cable Mode with his Revv, utilizing all the tone and gain from the Revv, but applying effects and channel switch via the AX8. Dave runs a handful of choice pedals including a Strymon Timeline for delays and ambient effects, and a Maxon OD808 as a boost.

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