MULDROTHA Breathe New Life Into You With This Exclusive Dual Guitar and Drum Playthrough For “Lungs Of The Mother”

With the release of their debut EP Where Terror Thrives last April, California-based death metal outfit MULDROTHA have been hard at work on new music. Consisting of members from bands like Fallujah, The Zenith Passage, and Decrepit Birth, the 4-piece have since released the single “Lungs Of The Mother”, and now guitarist Rob Maramonte and drummer Andrew Baird are here with an exclusive playthrough of that very track!


The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the talented Cody Fuentes of Spite/Rapture Recordings, who did the rest of the band’s debut EP, and boy howdy does it shine. The riffs are thick, the drums are relentless, and if the song as a whole doesn’t make you want to open up the f*cking pit, nothing will. As for the gear used in the playthrough, here’s what the dudes are rockin’:

  • Guitar: Kiesel 7 string Crescent Model, Gruv Gear fret wrap, Lithium Pickups, hipshot bridge, Ernie Ball strings, and all guitar tones are Neural DSP Fortin NTS
  • Drums: PDP drum set, Sabian cymbals, Los Cabos drumsticks, Axis pedals, and Foot Blaster triggers 

Lastly, the band just dropped a new single “To The Kingdom Underground”, so definitely give that a listen over on their Bandcamp. Be sure to follow MULDROTHA on Facebook and Instagram, don’t forget to listen to the dudes on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play, and pick up some sweet merch here.

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