MONUMENTS’ John Brown Decimates This Guitar Playthrough of “The Watch” (Featuring SYNERGY AMPS)


Monuments guitarist John Browne certainly knows his way around a tune or two, and the UK-based musician has just released this playthrough of the band’s song “The Watch” from their newest record Phronesis! The playthrough features Browne playing through a Synergy Amps SYN 2 preamp, along with an SYN-5050 power amp for maximum tone. Check it!

This song is pretty par for the course as far as Monuments bangers are concerned; the bouncy, angular riffs are there, the drums are punchy as hell, and the powerful vocals from singer Chris Barretto send the song to new heights. And lest we forget Browne’s insane playing, which is an absolute treat to watch and listen to time and time again. Did we mention he has an online riff guitar course?

Don’t forget to stream/buy Phronesis here!

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