MATT CHANWAY – “The Receiver of Wisdom” Guitar Playthrough


Solo artist Matt Chanway is a shredder whose instrumental compositions elicit comparisons to Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial, and the like. It becomes immediately evident that the dude knows his way around a fretboard (having studied guitar performance at the University of West London), but his widdely-woo is tasteful enough so as to not become tiresome, with care taken to first craft a sick riff to wail over. You can watch the maestro at work in this playthrough of “The Receiver of Wisdom” – a ditty from his debut self-titled album released on Christmas day 2016. A fine gift suited for even Jesus himself.

Matt spoke briefly about his writing process for the record:

I write all of the guitar parts, generally starting from one theme or motif and just continually building upon it, to create a flowing cohesive piece. Never forcing or rushing anything for the sake of releasing new music. The guitar themes are authentic, the riffs are catchy and addictive.

With future plans to take this instrumental show on the road, it’d be wise to bookmark for any pertinent developments.

Here’s a fun fact for ya too: this video was shot and edited by our very own Gear Demigod Connor Gilkinson of Ravencraft Creative, who does some damn tasty work! Kudos to the both yous.

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