LIGHT THE TORCH (formerly DEVIL YOU KNOW) – EXCLUSIVE Guitar & Bass Playthrough of “Die Alone”


Not heard of Light The Torch? How about Devil You Know? Still not ringing any bells?

You’ve probably more familiar with the past projects of its members. This super-group includes Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Francesco Artusato (ex-All Shall Perish), Ryan Wombacher, (Bleeding Through), and Mike Scuilara (Extinction A.D.). Collectively, these guys have quite the brutal resume; just the right ingredients that make a badass metal ensemble.

Francesco and Ryan sure do bring the riffs in this track from their upcoming album Revival. You can expect to be headbanging in no time because this song is a BANGER! Their Ibanez guitars are pretty slick as well. I think they have earned the title of super-group because the riffs are tight, the melodies catchy, and I found myself listening to this on repeat.

I’m looking forward to the album and I’d love to see these guys tour so I can bang my head. Revival will release on March 30th via Metal Blade Records. Keep the jams coming!


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