LEPROUS: You’ll Barely See This Drum Playthrough Coming of “Mirage” by Baard Kolstad


Norwegian progressive band Leprous have crafted one of the most unique sounds in the rock and metal community over their nearly decade-long career. Slowly transitioning from prog metal to more rock stylings, the band has always carried with them a knack for melody and intensity throughout all of their music. And to showcase some of that intensity, drummer Baard Kolstad is here to play the track “Mirage” off the band’s 2017 record Malina.

Even though the drum parts for this tune may be sparse, Baard does an incredible job of making every single hit count. He smacks the hell out of the syncopated grooves that permeate the rhythm, and it truly is the heartbeat that drives the song forward.

Be sure to catch Leprous on the road now with Between the Buried and Me and The Dear Hunter (holy shit, what a lineup), and to check them out on their Facebook and website.

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