KROSIS Drummer DANIEL CECE Goes Berserk In This Exclusive Playthrough Of “PSYCHOTICLYSM”

You may remember progressive metal act KROSIS from their exclusive bass playthrough of the track “Duplicity” that we premiered back in May of 2019. Well, the boys are back in town, this time with an exclusive playthrough by drummer Daniel Cece for their absolute banger of a new song, “Psychoticlysm”, off their upcoming full-length A Memoir of Free Will, which drops on February 7th via Unique Leader Records! You’re gonna wanna buckle up for this one.


From Daniel:

“This track was hands down the ultimate challenge for me as a drummer and musician. I am incredibly proud and excited to present this playthrough of our most technical, progressive, and intense material yet. Huge thanks to Jaiden Frost for the outstanding filming and editing for this video as well as my awesome bandmates for letting me be a part of the team!”

As for the kit, here’s what Daniel is rocking:

  • Mapex Armory Drums:
  • 14″ Tomahawk Snare
  • 12″ and 16″ Toms
  • 22″ Bass Drum
  • Soultone 17″ Extreme Crash
  • 18″ Vintage Crash
  • 12″ Extreme Hi Hats
  • 18″ Gospel China
  • 10″ Vintage Splash
  • 12″ Extreme Splash
  • 20″ Extreme Ride Mapex Stands and Hardware
  • Vratim Drumming Shoes
  • Evans EC2 Drumheads
  • DrumDial Tuners
  • Pearl Demon Drive Pedals

Be sure to check out the full music video below, follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram, and pre-order A Memoir of Free Will here before it drops on February 7th, 2020.

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