Kiri Schroeter Tears Through the Drums to a Structure Song with No Hands or Feet

Playthrough Monday, an unofficial holiday I’ve just now created because not much other gear news happens on President’s Day, is topped off by this awe-inspiring video that I just stumbled upon. Structures songs usually aren’t the easiest to play anyway, but Aussie youngster Kiri Schroeter pounds through the drum parts to “Hydroplaning” without hands or feet. He was born without them, but fuck if this kid was going to let that stop him.


Take a look at the video below, and if you’re so inclined you may also want to give a listen to his band Briarcliff, or maybe head to Kiri’s YouTube channel where he also covers a Black Dahlia Murder tune.

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Chris Alfano has written about music and toured in bands since print magazines and were popular. Once in high-school he hacked a friend's QBasic stick figure fighting game to add a chiptune metal soundtrack. Random attractive people still give him high-fives about that.

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  • FUCK YEA! this dude is better than people i know with hands and feet. so many props to you dude

  • He nailed it. Absolutely killed it. Not a structures fan but I can appreciate talent and this guy has it. Very inspirational m/

  • The song has no hands or feet?

  • Awesome! I wish I had no hands or…. Oh, wait, no I don’t.

  • Huh?
    He doees have hands and feet in the video?

  • How are the sticks held on so he has good rebound and conrol without them coming loose or flopping around? Amazing talent.

    • He holds them in place with the cuttings of a Wetsuit material covered by sweatbands for comfort, I know this because he is my drummer haha


  • i’d like to see his finger blast technique!

  • Total respect for him. This also proves that this kind of drumming is not for people who have hands and feet.

  • Fucking knew i had seen this guy somewhere, hes the drummer in my mates band. Briarcliff, check em out on facebook. Local adelaide band about to release their EP, check them out

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