KEITH MERROW Generates Unreal Sounds With the REVV Generator 120 In a Playthrough for “The Wastrel”


Ya’ll know Keith? Keith Merrow is a pretty cool guy. First off he is killer guitar player. He’s got a super precise and technical way of playing that makes the even mightiest axeman quiver. Merrow also happens to be a pretty huge gear head. He has a whole YouTube channel that’s dedicated to gear, tones, and playthroughs. And in this newest video that combines all three of those things, Keith demos the Revv Generator 120 amp with his song “The Wastrel”.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this mammoth of amplification technology. The amp’s got four channels: Crunch, clean, and two distinct flavors of high-gain. Every one of those channels has its own 3-band EQ for super precision tone dialing. Like using MIDI to change patches? Don’t worry, the Generator 120 has some MIDI capabilities that are easily programable. This thing comes with its own programmable footswitch so you don’t have to use those grimy hands of yours to switch tones. All of that AND this thing is all tubes, baby. The amp made Keith and his guitar sound pretty unreal, imagine if that were you in his shoes. You’d be pretty stoked.

This was the super abridged version of all the Generator 120 has to offer (there is a LOT more this thing can do), so if you’re interested, check out more details on the Revv website. And if you want to keep up with Keith and all of his endeavors (I hear he’s got a new album on the way!), go like his Facebook page.

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