KC of THE KENNEDY VEIL Plows Through This Guitar Playthrough of “Draconian”


There’s a ton of metal out there. It’s sort of ridiculous. Power metal, thrash metal, metal-core, yatta, yatta, yatta. But sometimes you just need something THICK. And that’s where KC and The Kennedy Veil comes in. Just pure, unadulterated heavy death. And here he is completely destroying their song “Draconian” from their album Imperium.

KC is an insanely technical player here. And from the look on his face, he knows exactly how good he is. He plays with so much tenacity and precision; it’s honestly a little scary. It’s sort of like an exhibition of how to be an amazing guitar player.

“Draconian” comes from The Kenney Veil’s release from last October titled Imperium. If this is the metal for you, pick it up here on their website. They are going on a couple of dates on the Feast Winter Tour with Alterbeast, Grindmother, and Aethere. You can find dates and other news from the powerhouse on Facebook.

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