JUSSKA – Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Geisha”


Belgian progressive metal/djent duo Jusska released their second EP titled Tsuki in January. The band comprised currently of singer Iason Passaris and guitarist Leander Verheyen recorded the three-track release with former Monuments drummer Mike Malyan.

The above playthrough of “Geisha” is from that EP, which can be downloaded on their Bandcamp page and is available now.

Speaking about the gear used during the recording process of the EP, and in the playthrough video, guitarist and composer Leander Verheyen commented: “I used my custom modded Ibanez RGA8. Loaded with DiMarzio D-Activator pickups in the bridge and neck. I used a coil split to get that gritty single coil tone. That goes straight into my Axe-Fx II. I used the Atomica High amp to get this sound. It really has a good basic sound, not too muddy and not too thin and tears through the mix great. Works perfect with 8 string tunings. I put the T808 mod drive pedal in front of it for the extra punch. There is a little EQ block to get the tone right where I want it before it goes into the cab. For which I used a stereo 4×12 Recto with the SM 57 mic.”

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