John Browne Makes Monuments out of “I, The Creator” on EMG TV

I had never seen any performance footage of Monuments before, but damn, their guitarist John Browne has some serious chops. EMG had him in their studio showing off his 81-7 pickups in addition to a hot mound of virtuosity.


Those rack units powering the cabs (or maybe just lined in direct with the cabs for show–who knows) are Laney Ironheart IRT-Studio heads, by the way. Cool little units. It’s a two-space rack unit optimized for recording via analog or USB out, but it still has two EL84 power tubes inside of it, so it runs at 15 watts, loud enough for practice or gigging if you’re mic’ed up. But unlike most tube amps, you won’t blow the output transformer if you record silently without a cab hooked up. There’s a dummy load that automatically kicks in.

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