Trigger Warning: Iwrestledabearonce Guitar Playthrough

Tag your triggers! Although I probably can’t ever foresee a situation where I’d find myself listening to Iwrestledabearonce (although I’ll give them a shot in the weight room at some point, like with the new Oceano album), we’re not above posting song playthroughs for any one kind of music, so let’s do this!


This track is “Green Eyes” off the band’s newest album Hail Mary. This is not my sort of thing really whatsoever, but what do you guys think? They certainly put a lot of effort into writing wrist-moving guitar parts, but I’m with the general consensus that their songwriting often feels really forced (their Facebook page lists genre: “huh”? more like “ugh”…). I’d love to see this band write more of a straight-up pop-metal record, instead of the usual hybrid of good-cop-bad-cop vocal metal, a trend that seems like it’ll just never ever fucking die.

Check it out below and let us know what you think?

If this is your sort of thing, you can pick up a copy of Hail Mary here.

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