INTERVALS: Get Your Day Going With This Playthrough for “Touch and Go” by Guitarist AARON MARSHALL


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Toronto-based band Intervals is about to drop some serious fire with their forthcoming album The Way Forward (out December 1st this year). In anticipation, guitarist (and overall musical guru, let’s be real) Aaron Marshall has just released a playthrough for the song “Touch and Go”, which is the opener on the album. Check it!

Now, this playthrough is a really good example of a classic Intervals tune. Aaron pulls off a variety of tasteful licks, catchy melodies, and those signature slides that help to give his music it’s defining characteristics. Groovy, fun, and atmospheric: this song’s got it all. The video was also shot by the super talented Randy Edwards, who’s doing some serious video and photography work in the modern rock/metal world as of late.

To catch Intervals on the road for their Europe Tour 2017 with Polyphia and Nick Johnston, check out their tour page. You can pre-order The Way Forward on the band’s website, as well as follow them on Facebook for maximum jams. Finally, you gotta be sure to hit up Aaron’s Instagram page for an infinite supply of goddamn delicious noodles.

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