Intervals Drummer Anup Sastry Is a “Moment Marauder”

I’ve been growing ever-continually impressed by Intervals/Skyharbor/Jeff Loomis/our hearts/session drummer Anup Sastry, especially since I learned the methodology behind how he records some pretty complex guitar and bass parts on his solo records despite not really being a guitarist (hint: it involves chopping recordings up into small waveforms and painstakingly pasting things together).


But let’s forget about Anup Sastry the sound manipulator for a moment, and simply pay attention to how he completely annihilates the drumset akin to how astronomers annihilated Pluto’s status as a planet (I’m still bitter about that). Here he is live with Intervals, performing “Moment Marauder.” A guy who can turn on a dime and go from smooth fusion grooves to sneaking punk beats under heavy prog, well that’s the kind of guy I’d want to give a high-five to. Or a high five/four, if you get what I’m saying… because it sounds like they smoke weed and write odd rhythms… eh, forget it.

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