IN VIRTUE: Ascend Into Heaven With This Bass Playthrough of “Purgatory”


You might not know this, but Gear Gods’ very own Trey Xavier is in a band. That’s right, our fearless beanie-wearing commander fronts the 5-piece progressive metal band In Virtue, and the gang has been a bit busy in recent weeks. Upon just releasing their newest single “Purgatory” (the first music from them in over 6 years), the band has started off the year with a clean slate. That might be because their music video for the song takes place in a laundromat. Either way, to bring home the low-end on the track, bassist Jamie Hush has delivered this gnarly playthrough of the tune, only right here, on Gear Gods!

In the video, Jamie lays down some fuckin’ groovy basslines on an Acacia Guitars Atlas 5-string. The track has a great mix of technical playing and memorable hooks; both of which can be heard even in the depths of the bass parts. And not only is his playing pretty spotless, but his jacket and bass guitar are basically bleached. Talk about taking cleanliness to a new level.

To download the track for free, head over to the band’s Bandcamp page or personal website. They’ve also got a very serious petition going over on, where they hope to get enough signatures to make Tide Pods include the nutritional information on the outside of the packaging. So sign that, I guess? #scrubyoursoul

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