HUNDRED SUNS – “Fractional” Exclusive Guitar Playthrough


Hundred Suns is a brand new band from some people you may already know. In this playthrough for their first single “Fractional”, guitarist Chris LeMasters plays his LTD Stephen Carpenter 7 string. The band is currently crowdfunding a full-length record on Indiegogo with some cool gear perks, including bundles for guitarists, drummers, and singers!

Here’s the press release with more information about the band:

Hundred Suns, the new project featuring Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan, ex-Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger, and Dead and Divine’s Chris LeMasters and which exists across three different cities and two countries, have launched an Indie Go-Go campaign for their debut album. Head to the Indie Go-Go page to check out the band’s pledge video, which also reveals a clip of a new track.

The members have been working together since 2013, sharing ideas and building the project’s foundation. Their collective desire to step out of the box, take risks, and create something truly unique has been the driving force of their creativity.

After three years of hard work, Hundred Suns are ready to make themselves known.

“We are very excited to finally get this sucker off the ground,” said Brandan. “We have been working hard to make this project come to life and it hasn’t been easy with us living so far away from each other. It’s been three years in the making and we are as passionate as we ever have been to make Hundred Suns a reality.”

He continued, “I really love the crowd funding platform, it allows artists to connect directly with their fans in a huge way.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be tracking as early as September and looking to hit the road as soon as we have a record in our hands.  We want to thank all our backers in advance for supporting this project and we can’t wait to see and meet you all.”

With a full album’s worth of material prepared, Hundred Suns are all set to hit the studio to record their debut album, with pre-orders and exclusive bundles now available via Indie Go-Go. In addition to downloads, CDs and vinyl, the bundles include shirts, hoodies, posters, caps as well as exclusive studio experiences, documentaries and exclusive previews to the material. The will also be special musician packages which include guitars, drums, headphones and more.

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