HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH – “Abyssal Mouth” Guitar Playthrough


Swedish deathcore crushers Humanity’s Last Breath released “Abyssal Mouth” as a single last month. In the interim between now and then, guitarist Buster Odeholm took some time to play through the track for us. Besides the pulverizing riffs, you’ll probably notice Buster’s unusual playing style: a left-handed P. Kamecki custom strung upside-down. They’re even rarer than us “regular” lefties, but those of Mr. Odeholm’s breed do indeed roam the wild.

If you dig what you hear/see in the playthrough, you can cop “Abyssal Mouth” on Bandcamp, both with and without vocals. The band also dropped a music video for the single which you can watch here. As always, for everything else, there’s always the official Facebook page.

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