HERE AT THE END Use The Force In This Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough Of “Skywalker Ocean Grown”

California-based instrumental progressive metal band Here At The End are here with a brand-new dual guitar playthrough for their song “Skywalker Ocean Grown” off their 2018 EP Gather Your Arrows! Atmospheric, heavy, and melodic, these dudes present a larger-than-life experience with their music, so sit back, adorn your finest headphones, and enjoy!


About the video, guitarist JJ Powell had this to say:

“Something unique about us is that we have a full short film that accompanied our release last year titled Gather Your Arrows which you can find in whole (or broken out by song) on our Youtube Channel. We’re instrumental so telling a story is hard without the visual component, so it was decided to pair up with a director/videographer to help tell a story. He also shot this playthrough video and we plan on doing more releases this year.”

The song is a great blend of familiar and fresh progressive metal elements. So many instrumental groups can leave something to be desired without vocals occupying a space in the mix, but Here At The End do an excellent job of filling everything out in just the right ways. And as far as gear goes, JJ is playing a Strandberg Boden Classic 7 and Nick is playing the Japanese Boden 6 string — both tuned down to A#.

Be sure to check these guys out on Instagram and YouTube, as well as to pick up Gather Your Arrows on their Bandcamp.

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