HARMED Drummer Mihaly Zsakay Delivers Crushing Drum Playthrough of “Vetus”


Hungarian metalcore quintet HARMED have released a drum play through for the song “Vetus” off of their 2017 Famined Records debut EP entitled From Day One. This track takes many surprising turns and goes to some pretty trippy and dark places. While the drums on this track aren’t necessarily the most technical or insanely fast parts, this guy definitely holds down the groove and adds the necessary punch that a track like this deserves.

“Vetus is inspired by our surroundings. It’s about how divided we are, how we look through each other, especially the ones who are in the biggest need of help. Both the audio and video portion for this drum playthrough was recorded in our own practice space/studio by ourselves, we really like keeping the creative processes of recording and shooting in our hands.” — HARMED

From Day One is available on  iTunes,  Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify. You can also pick up some merch from the band’s web store.

Also be sure to check out HARMED’s official Facebook page as well as the Famined Records Facebook page and official website.

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