GODEATER Bassist Will Keogh Mows Through This Exclusive Playthrough of “Silent Spring”

They’re back, baby.


Hailing all the way from the Land of Scots, GODEATER returns with this brand new, exclusive bass playthrough of their song “Silent Spring” off their newest record All Flesh Is Grass! Shot on the shores of Scotland’s famous Loch Lomond, bassist Will Keogh brings something fierce in his playing, and the track makes that very, very apparent. The track is a tech-death fan’s wet dream and features some sick neoclassical influences, hella blast beats, and of course, the tight-yet-chunky low-end provided by Will on his stunning Dingwall bass.

As for the gear, here are the specifics of what Will is rockin’:

  • Dingwall NG3 (5 string, 37″ scale)
  • Line 6 Helix (Live)
  • Neural DSP Parallax Plugin (Playthrough)
  • Newtone Strings (Custom Gauge: .136/.090/.068/.052/.040)

Will Keogh is endorsed by Newtone Strings.

Don’t forget to get All Flesh Is Grass here, follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, and to catch GODEATER on tour with HARBINGER throughout this October (dates and deets below).

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