GENE HOGLAN – Playthrough of DEATH’s “The Philosopher” From His New DVD


That classic fretless bass “fart” tone @1:57 gets me every time.

Did you guys know that “The Human Atomic Clock” Gene Hoglan has a new drum DVD out? Well, I for one, was completely unaware. Come to think of it… I had no idea he even had a previous DVD. Granted, I’m no drummer so why would I have known.

But Gene is so good that even I could sit there and watch the dude kill some classic tracks and crush rudiments for a couple of hours (that is what happens on a drum DVD, right?).

I also didn’t know DVDs were still things.

I’m a huge fan of Hoglan-era Death. His writing and performance on both Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic absolutely sends those albums into the next stratosphere. And, as a fan Death, this clip is kinda notable for a couple of reasons (beyond being able to see the maestro at work).

Firstly, the bass is super clear here so it’s a lot easier to make out Steve DiGiorgio’s complex bass lines. Secondly, you can hear the entire outro! I’ve never heard all those solos before because it normally fades-out way earlier.

Turns out ol’ “Mean” Gene Hoglan hadn’t heard that outro either, until this (first-take! ffs) playthrough.

“The neato thing about this version is that I didn’t even know that there was an extra two minutes of jam at the end until I’m getting filmed playing it! Apparently we played it that long on the original, but I definitely don’t remember it. Hell, I’m too busy remembering Overactive Vaginas, Donald Tardy’s and hi-hat chokings to remember long extendo-jams.

Again, there was no reviewing of anything before tracking the DVD, so on that filmed take, I’m actually surprised that this tune is not ending like, two bars after where the album’s fade happens. Hence, me going way off the riff, ’cause with no click, there’s really nothing to follow except for Chuck’s random two-note progression. Ah well, warts & all is how I likes to brings it to ya. And don’t forget, with zero prep either. Jeez Hoglan, get it together next time, will ya?”

For the other Death fans out there, it looks like Gene also has a playthrough of Overactive Vaginas “Overactive Imagination” on the DVD Check out the list of featured songs:

Featured Tracks:
Testament: “Rise Up,” “Native Blood”
Galaktikon: “On My Way”
Meldrum: “Walking Point,” “A Toast To Romance”
Strapping Young Lad: “Skeksis”
Death: “Overactive Imagination,” and “The Philosopher”

If you’re a drummer or drum-curious, you can grab Gene Hoglan’s The Atomic Clock : The Clock Strikes Two as a DVD or digital version over on his website.

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