Galactic Pegasus “Phantom of the Hill” Playthrough

Galactic Pegasus are due to release their album Phantom of the Hill on November 18th. Check out their playthrough for the title track below. Filmed at the top of Mount Seymour in British Columbia, the Djent/Metalcore boys show you the ins and outs of a crushingly heavy yet intricate tune.


Managing to blend ambient melody (think Northlane) with stomping groove (think The Acacia Strain), the track pulsates and twists with technical ability and is an all-round brilliantly written song. Guitarist Johnny told us “I wrote this song back in 2013 for a recording project when I attended Selkirk college. It was one of the 15 songs I sent to Andrew when I was auditioning for Gally P. I never thought that anyone else would ever hear this song or any of the songs I wrote for this record actually. I’m very proud of this track and I’m beyond excited for people to listen to it.”

Get ready for the full album because it’s going to take your face off.

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