FROM SORROW TO SERENITY – “Forsaken” Guitar Playthrough

Guitarist Steven Jones (not to be confused with punk legend Steve Jones) of the UK-based prog outfit, From Sorrow to Serenity, recorded a playthrough of the band’s track “Forsaken.” The song comes as the third track off of the band’s debut LP, Remnant of Humanity. The album is a quick throat punch, or roundhouse kick to the face, or (insert desired KO move here) at just under 35 minutes. Remnant of Humanity additionally features an impressive guest list, with performances by CJ McMahon (Thy Art is Murder), Aaron Matts (Betraying the Martyrs), and Scott Kennedy (Bleed from Within).


From Sorrow to Serenity haven’t been around long, but have already begun making a splash in the scene since their formation in 2013. They’ve been fortunate enough to play the main stage at the UK Tech-Fest, and have also toured the UK alongside Veil of Maya, Chelsea Grin, Bleed from Within, and Heart of a Coward. They have most recently finished up a successful summer tour with Fit For An Autopsy.

If “Forsaken” and the rest of Remnant of Humanity is any indication, I’d say From Sorrow to Serenity are well on their way to a successful future in the prog scene. Don’t forget to keep up with other FSTS happenings.

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