FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – “Iron Moon” Guitar Playthrough


not sure if that’s a huge-ass braid or a handmade rope guitar strap

Deathcore chug sluggers Fit For An Autopsy are about to chuck out a new album of pit jams on March 17, titled The Great Collapse. These dudes have had a solid run of AAA Deathcore releases full of meaty, hard-hitting, precision-riffed tracks. They are, like, the scene veterans showing the kids how it’s done. And by the looks of the songs they’ve been drip feeding to Facebook, this new album is more of the same high quality heaviness.

“Iron Moon” was one of those pre-release preview tracks and, for me, the 16th-note riff at about 0:45 plus the killer solo make it a total standout song so far. It’s sick to see Tim Howley rip out that solo (with ease) here in the vid. Songs like this one are why FFAA are holding that Deathcore crown at the moment.

And for the one dude that doesn’t know, this is Will Putney‘s band. Which is why the production sounds so tasty. Dude pulls some of the best mixes in the game. So even if this kinda stuff isn’t your thing, I recommend buying this album for your mix reference library alone.

every time I see this cover, for a split second, I think the album title is in Bleeding Cowboys font :-/

But if this is your thing and if this thick riffage got you stoked for the new Fit For An Autopsy release, head over to their label’s website and pre-order a The Great Collapse album+merch bundle.

And specifically, if you’re a chill socially conscious bro, get this pre-order if you want to help out the people getting effed by the Dakota Access Pipeline (profits go to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Charity).

Here’s what Tim had to say about his gear:

When I was told that my playthrough for Iron Moon was going be released with Gear Gods, I was pumped. But I also wanted to give my fellow gear nerds a look into my live rig. As a lot of you know who follow the band, Pat and I are both use Mesa and Ibanez but our rigs differ a lot from there. For the last 8 years I’ve been using a mid-90’s two channel Dual Rectifier. I was never a fan of Mesa amps until I found this head then I completely fell in love. One of the main tricks I use is running the head with the loop on. By using the loop master as my main source for volume it allows the channel to push and break up way more than usual. I get a pretty wild tone out of it. Luckily enough, the orange channel on Mesa’s new Multi-watt Dual Rectifiers have a near identical tone to the red channel on my old two channel. Plan on me getting my hands on one of those sooner than later.

I’ve never been one for rack gear or pedals, but a lot of our newer material calls for it. Believe it or not, our last euro tour was the first time I actually used a pedalboard. For years I just left an overdrive and a Boss NS-2 in my rack and had a “set it and forget it” attitude, but recently I had a necessity to use effects. After juggling a couple ideas around with friends, I came up with the setup in the picture and I’m pretty fucking happy with it. I’m using a Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive, Boss NS-2, Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail for delay, and a TC-Electronics Hall of Fame for reverb. The 805 I really dig because of the 3-band EQ. Every room we play is obviously different so it adds extra room to dial shit back and forth when I need it. It made my transition to active pickups a fucking breeze.

About a month ago I made a big jump from passives to actives as my main pickups. I signed on with Fishman right after NAMM and got the chance to go up and check out the HQ. Since I’m using the Ibanez S models, the Fluence Moderns compliment the thinner bodies real well. Having the ability to switch between the two voicings really gives a sick variety of tones. About a week before our current tour with fellow Ibanez brethren After The Burial, I put up a poll about which guitars I should use since I couldn’t decide. The response was awesome and I was surprised that everyone picked all S models. Since I’m a huge fan of the Iron Label series, I use an SIX7FDFM for all songs in drop A. The flame top and reverse headstock makes that guitar one of my favorites. In addition to that, I use my Prestige S5527 for all of our songs in G. The bodies feel super comfortable ever since I switched over the bridges to Hipshot replacements for the Gibraltar II. The guys at Hipshot were nice enough to machine me some new modified saddles for the S Models to make it easier to restring.
Lastly Pat, Blue, and I use Ernie Ball strings and products as well as Dunlop picks. The Jazz III XLs have been a staple in my rig since I was a teenager. I definitely do have some secret weapons I keep on lockdown in my rig that I don’t talk about much, so I’ll just have to save those for next time. Big thanks to Trey from Gear Gods for the opportunity to tell you about my rig and for throwing up the playthrough. Hope you guys dig it!

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