FIREWIND – “Hands of Time” Drum Playthrough by Johan Nunez

Check out Firewind’s Johan Nunez nail the shit out of this drum play-through for “Hands of Time”:


I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan ever of power metal – usually, for me it lacks aggression, and is a bit cheesy and soft for my tastes. Having said that, I’ve always had a soft spot for Firewind as they have their own unique charm and manage to pull off the whole power metal euro vibe that many others can’t. There is a reason why Ozzy, or at least the people who look after Ozzy, scoped Gus G out for the spot as his guitarist. Gus can shred with super human powers and can riff with the best of them. Due to Gus’ time with Ozzy and co., Firewind haven’t released anything since 2012’s Few Against Many, however the guys are back with their new record Immortals (released January this year) and they are here to prove why they should still be considered one of power metal’s greatest wrecking crews; “Hands of Time” played here by drummer Johan Nunez opens the record and shows you exactly what you’re in for with the rest of the album.

Like Johan states on the Youtube video description, he has re-recorded the drum tracks to make it a bit more “drummer-friendly” or possibly a bit more flashy. I know how much guitarists and vocalists get pissed off and start crying when you try and overplay drums in a song, the result is a great drum video. There’s a stomping fast-paced barrage of double kick and snare drum throughout which balances out the cheesy feel of the vocals and some of the lead-guitar work. Jonah also throws in some cheeky ride-bell work with some funky right-hand hits and there are cool snare and tom fills all over the place complementing the craziness of Gus’ guitar work perfectly.

Give it a watch!

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