FALLUJAH – Robert Morey Strums and Plucks with Reckless “Abandon” on His Kiesel IC5 Bass


Dreamless has been out plenty long enough now, and somehow it still manages to sound as fresh as ever from listen to listen. I suppose it helps that all the Fallujah dudes are A#1 musicians and writers who’ve managed to craft a uniquely captivating death metal experience that simply speaks for itself.

If we’re to focus the (fisheye) lens solely on bassist Robert Morey for just a moment here as he plays through “Abandon,” the man has chops, style, and tone for ages. Check out the strummed bits of the riff right around 2:35. There’s some ridiculous clarity coming out of those fingers and his rig that doesn’t overwhelm or flub up the mix by even an iota. In real terms, shit sounds sick.

So in this playthrough, Robert’s putting his Kiesel IC5 through its paces and sounding totally massive while at it. Evidently, Kiesel’s Icon bass series has been around for a decade now and has undergone a bit of a facelift for its anniversary. For example, in keeping things as “modern” and playable as possible, a standard deeper gut cut and an optional chambered body are available for ergonomics and the demands of high-level playing.

You can read up more on the Kiesel Icon Series here, and keep in touch with Fallujah yonder. They’re hitting the road for the European summer festival circuit, then coming back North America way for a run with Decapitated and Thy Art is Murder around late August. Stay on it!

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