FALLUJAH Blast Throught This Playthrough of “The Prodigal Son” With Some Help From BIAS FX


Guitarists Scott and Brian from Fallujah are back with a new playthrough of the song “The Prodigal Son” off their 2016 LP Dreamless! Not only do the dudes bring that classic Fallujah shred (y’know, blistering leads, thick chords, and enough blast beats to last a lifetime), but they do so with a little help from Positive Grid’s BIAS FX guitar amp software. If you thought you were in for a tasty tone treat, you’d be right.

If you’re unfamiliar with BIAS from Positive Grid, the basic gist is that it’s the world’s first cross-platform guitar effects processor. You can build virtual pedalboards, import amp-matching profiles, share/reamp your tones, and a ton of other cool stuff. Now, it’s probably no surprise that the guitar tones on this playthrough were made using the BIAS FX guitar tones, but the real surprise is just how similar they sound to the fully-produced album that the song is from. For real, it’s a little scary how accurately these guitar tones recreate the same punch, clarity, and feel that the guitars do on Dreamless. From the distorted rhythm and lead playing to the ambient, spooky cleans, everything sounds like the real deal.

Additionally, Scott and Brian threw in a little treat for their fellow BIAS users, because they’re just a couple of sweethearts. They shared the patches used in this playthrough via the BIAS Tonecloud, and made them available to the world for free! The patch names are listed as: Fallujah Rhythm, Fallujah Solo, Fallujah Dirty, and Fallujah Ambient. If you’re a BIAS user or are thinking about becoming one, be sure to search for these tones on the Tonecloud. For tour dates, details, and all things Fallujah, hit up their Facebook page. For some crazy summer deals and discounts, check out the Positive Grid promotions page and spend some dollas (and save a few too!).


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