Ex-EXIVIOUS Bassist Robin Zielhorst Shines With This Bass Playthrough of “One’s Glow”


We got something real low today folks. Ex-Exivious, current Our Oceans bassist Robin Zielhorst released this untouchable bass playthrough of “One’s Glow” from the Exivious days. And that’s really all you need to know.

First off, that bass: 10 outta 10. Build and tone are absolutely gorgeous. I might be a sucker for a fretless bass, but when someone plays one this well, there really isn’t any argument. Robin can play. And let’s just talk about the song itself. It’s got everything a prog head could want. There’s jazz, funk, some weird spacey djent rhythms that don’t overstay their welcome. This band had it all man…

But fear not! Just because Exivious is gone, Robin moves on! His new band with other Exivious-ists Our Oceans is working on their very first album. You can keep tabs on the group over on their Facebook page.

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  • What brand of bass is this? This sounds gorgeous.

    • its not about the instrument nearly as much as it is about technique and tone controls.

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