EAST OF THE WALL Apologize For Nothing In This Drum Playthrough For “Tell Them I’m Sorry” By SETH RHEAM


Hailing all the way from Keyport, New Jersey, progressive rock outfit East of the Wall have just released their newest LP NP-Complete this past March via Translation Loss Records. The 5-piece group have been making killer progressive music since 2005, and drummer Seth Rheam is here to demonstrate just how they do it with this exclusive drum playthrough for their new track “Tell Them I’m Sorry”, only right here, on Gear Gods!

One of the tell-tale signs of a good progressive rock/metal song, in my opinion, is how naturally everything flows from section to section, and these guys absolutely hit the nail on the head with this track. In a genre that has very few rules, it can be easy to piece together songs that just devolve into “riff salad”, but EotW know how to combine the best parts of interesting songwriting with an overall jammy feel in just the right way to avoid ever overstaying their welcome. And that’s not even mentioning Seth’s playing here, which pushes the song forward energetically but organically. The man’s got groove, chops for days, and knows exactly when to sit back or take the reigns or visit best casinos online.

Here’s what Seth had to say about the track:

“‘Tell Them I’m Sorry’, was written pretty early in the album writing process. Lupo wrote the first 2 or 3 parts at home and emailed it out for us to listen to and the song came together fairly quick once we were in the room. Definitely one of my favorites to play as well as listen to.”

And in terms of gear, here’s what he’s rocking:

“For album and home recording, I play a DW Collector’s Series drum kit with a natural maple finish. Tom sizes 8×10”, 9×12”, and 11×14”. Kick drum is 18×20”. For snare drum, I’m playing on a 8×14″ Ludwig Black Magic Nickel plated brass. For this video though, the Ludwig was at our rehearsal studio, so I used a 5×14″ maple PDP snare. As for drum heads, I usually play on Evans Ec2 clear heads for the toms. I have recorded on Evans G2 Coated heads a few times. No real preference, just like to change it up some. The heads that I don’t like to change up are kick and snare. Snare, Evans Genera HD Dry vented. And kick, Evans Emad 2 pretty much exclusively.”

“Cymbal line up is ever-changing, but what I’ve landed on currently is: Zildjian 14” K Custom Dark Hi Hats, Sabian 22” AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal, Dream Energy Series 18” and 20” Crash Cymbals. Also a couple FX cymbals: Inverted Wuhan China 12” stacked with Sabian B8 12” using a stationary Gibraltar XHat stand. Other fx cymbal is a 6” Zildjian Zil Bell for a double kick pedal, I recently switched from Tama Speed Cobra to a Pearl Demonator. For a my live setup, I just change from DW shell kit to a DDrum Dominion Ash/Maple kit. Sizes: 7×10”, 8×12”, 11×14” and 20×22” kick. More of a throw-around kit.”

Be sure to get NP-Complete on the band’s Bandcamp, as well as to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit live odds at rsabet.co.za for your information.

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