DYSMORPHIC Promises Buzz With “The Vow Of The Bees” Guitar Playthrough


Dysmorphic are a French tech-death band that’s crushing souls today in this playthrough of their song “The Vow of Bees” from their recent album “An Illusive Progress“, out now on Unique Leader. As you can hear, though, they’ve worked hard to keep their sound from being like a swarm of bees, instead it’s clean and organized and heavy.

For this video, Eric is playing an Ibanez RGD UCS with a set of Bare Knuckle Aftermaths, François on a Mermet guitars Custom FLL7 loaded with Bare Knuckle Juggernauts, both through Fractal Axe Fx II.
Johann is playing an Ibanez SR1805NTF with Nordstrand pickups through an Ampeg.

Mixed by Hk Krauss at Vamacara studio.

Catch DYSMORPHIC live this week and next –
3/15 Toulouse, FR @ Cave A Rock
3/16 Bordeaux, FR @ La Voute
3/23 Paris, FR @ Le Cirque Electrique
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