A 15-Year Old Girl Rocks Harder Than You

One of my favorite dark corners of the Internet are the comment threads in Girls Play Guitar videos on YouTube. And since we’ve got another “girl plays guitar super good” video that shocks people who must have been born in 1943, well, it’s open season.


Although the armchair consensus seems to be that this video is sped up and that 15-year-old Tina, who is not really, as they say, “killing the game,” it doesn’t really matter, because this is entertaining as hell, and she kills the game in the end anyway. LOVE the dgaf attitude and hair getting caught in the strings (boys, that would happen to you too if you undid your ponytail) And of course, “lol” that people are still flipping a shit about DragonForce in 2015.

Anyway, dig that Vigier Excalibur and that (possibly sped up) tremolo picking technique!


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  • Yo. This obviously sped up in some parts tho.

  • Future Rock Godess!

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