DRAEMORA Lay The “Guilt” On Thick As The Recto Tones In This Guitar Playthrough

Whenever I see a two-channel Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, I know there’s about to be some serious shit going down. There’s just something to be said about those older Rectos. I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few of them and I’m always blown away by how the Revs F and G sound compared to the newer models. Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day…


In this playthrough of their song “Guilt” we see Terry from Draemora ripping away with his Fender Telecaster. His tele is loaded with a single EMG 57 and he’s boosting that guy with an Ibanez TS9 going directly into his Mesa. The deadly tone of the 2-channel and a heavy rhythm hand are such a great combo.

“In this video, I recorded with my MIM Telecaster that I modded out. I took the pickups and all the electronics out and got a new pickguard and control panel with one hole. I wired it up with one EMG 57 and one volume knob, nice and simple and really hot, I also feel like the lack of stuff quiets the guitar down in a high gain setting as well. In this song were tuned to drop A and the Tele handles it like a damn champ! I love telecasters, they are just the most comfortable guitars to play in my opinion. I feel like the Telecaster is one of those things that was just nailed right from the beginning, the neck is the perfect profile, I love the body shape, its somewhere between a Strat and an LP as far as weight and I grew up watching all my hero’s play them. I use an ISP decimator in front of the amp to quiet it down and I use a tube screamer TS9 before that to push the input of my Triple Rectifier and give it that punch I love so much. The Mesa is an old 2 Channel Rectifier that I bought here in Arlington, Washington from Bigfoot music a while back, it has been a really amazing amp. It’s the Revision G, the serial according to Mesa puts it around January of 1995, super awesome amp, great tone, and rock-solid craftsmanship. I captured it all with a Shure Beta 56. I have got some weird looks from people for that before but I swear by that mic, and the one I have is a good one, I have had a ton of 57, Beta 57s, and Beta 56’s and this particular one just sings and softens the high mids in a really pleasant way, it falls into any mix with ease and takes a ton of work out of processing the guitars for mixing. That’s really everything there is to it, enjoy!!”

Guitarist Terry Jenkins

Draemora will be releasing their debut EP entitled Awakening on June 26th so be sure to check that out!

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