DISPERSE – Guitarist Jakub Zytecki’s Playthrough of “Gabriel” Will Hit You in the Feels


DispersE have always had an influence in the modern progressive metal world. Alongside bands like TesseracT (whom also practice the art of reverse-capitalization), they’ve always seemed to take a more melodic approach to what could easily be reduced to simple, chug-based tunage. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not quite DispersE’s style.

“Gabriel” is a track off the band’s 2017 album Foreword. In this new playthrough, guitarist Jakub Zytecki shows off his knack for buttery lead playing and pop sensibilities. The song takes a more ambient approach to DispersE’s catalogue with the use of some thick reverb and effects pads that Jakub plays along with the guitar part. A true multitasking guru if we’ve ever seen one. Additionally, this version was done almost completely live, minus a few edits here and there. The man’s got chops!

The band is currently on tour with Retrospective and Ayden in their Polish homeland. You can find all the details over on their Facebook page.

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