Dig In On This Bass Playthrough of TERROR UNIVERSAL’S “Dig You A Hole”


Now here I was thinking that all of the music genres had been discovered. Little did I know that there was one called ‘horror metal’ but here we are! Horror metalists Terror Universal certainly do give off the slasher film vibe that they’re going for, and sonically their songs bring back nightmares of all the slasher movie classics that I was way too young to see when I did. The band’s bassist (known only as Diabolus) was able to take time away from his busy slashing schedule to send this playthrough of “Dig You A Hole”.

Diabolus shows us that flashy slaps and crazy taps aren’t the only thing that make a good bass player. Sometimes all you have to do is hold down the rhythmic fort and let the song speak for itself. And the song certainly does. Take a gander at the video and get slashed on.

“Dig You A Hole” comes from the band’s appropriately titled debut release Make Them Bleed that was released on January 19th. In its first week, it debuted at #8 on the iTunes Metal chart, as well as #13 on the Billboard New Artist chart, #17 on the Billboard Hard Music chart, and #165 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart! You can find a bunch of bundles for it on their website. And you’re not made of likes, go throw a couple their way on Facebook.

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