DEMONIC RESURRECTION Tells A Story of Vishnu In “Varaha – The Boar” Guitar Playthrough/Lyric Video


How many blackened death metal bands from India have you come across in your travels through the world of extreme metal? Probably not a whole lot, if any. And even though these guys have been dropping music since 2001, including 5 full-lengths, Demonic Resurrection are one of those groups that undeservedly tends to fly under most folks’ radar. Which is a shame, because they’re certainly a stand-out in terms of both musical and lyrical content.

Dashavatar, Demonic Resurrection’s newest LP that’s been out for a couple months now, details the ten avatars of the Hindu god Vishnu. As you probably gleaned from the title, Varaha is Vishnu’s boar form, the story of which you can follow along with in the playthrough. I’m sure we’ve all heard plenty about Finnish and Norse gods from metal over the years, so this is truly a refreshing album concept for a band like this to be tackling.

If you’re suddenly as intrigued as I am, you can sift through Demonic Resurrection’s back catalogue, including the latest Dashavatar, right here. For everything else, there’s always the solid Facebook page to keep yourself up on any happenings in their camp.

Brb, learning a shitload about Vishnu from a sick metal band.

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