DECREPIT BIRTH “Hieroglyphic” Drum Playthrough

All kinds of mad shit going on here with this video for Decrepit Birth’s “Hieroglyphic” by the mighty Sam “Samus” Paulicelli, get a load of it right now-


I honestly just love blast beats, but then again, doesn’t everybody?! The answer is no, but they should. I like to think of myself as a pretty relaxed dude but when I hear some death metal with some savage af blasts it makes me want to start a fight with the biggest person in the room; this video by Decrepit Birth’s insanely talented Sam or Samus (depending how you’re feeling) has nearly just made me punch a hole in my PC screen and hopefully it will have the same effect on you.

Merciless speed and technical ability ooze out of every hole of this playthrough, the double kick drums are utterly devastating and Sam’s hand technique is great in order to play some rapid and precise blast beats for a continued period without losing any power or punch. The rest of his band-mates seem to be just as technically gifted as well with some cool bass frills thrown in here and there for that extra death metal feel. The tune is punishing and relentless and it really sounds like DB have come into their own with these new songs.

Decrepit Birth’s new album Axis Mundi is out now on Nuclear Blast Records, head over to their website now to pick up a copy to annoy your neigbours/parents/children with.

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