Death Angel Play Through “Song Of The Morning” at the EMG Studio

How do you celebrate a tour well done? If you’re Death Angel you get back in the van and head over to the EMG Pickups building to demo some pickups. Check out the footage below to see the band’s guitarists Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar running through a live instrumental rendition of “Song Of The Morning” off of the band’s new album, The Dream Calls For Blood.


Like most metal EMG endorsers, the Death Angel guys are using active pickups. Cavestany is using the classic EMG workhorse, the 81 (and an HA in the neck), installed in a Jackson guitar, and then routed to an impressively large Engl rack (it looks like an E570 preamp and E850 power amp but I’m not positive). The foot controller is a Voodoo Lab Ground Control.

Aguilar is using the James Hetfield signature pickups in an ESP Sunburst. He seems to be the more “natural midrange” guy of the pair, since he’s sending that guitar into a Mesa/Boogie Mark V. Cavestany and Aguilar’s tones are really well balanced and sound killer together in the video.

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