DAY OF RECKONING – ‘The Storm’ Drum Playthrough

Check this killer drum playthrough of “The Storm” by the Rusty Cooley’s Day of Reckoning:


It’s good to see a drummer who looks like he has a bit of power behind him – sometimes we get dudes making drum videos who are more than technically able to play drums, however, they seem to lack a bit of beef. So it’s great to see Jared Sandhy of Day of Reckoning packing a serious punch. The strong look backs up the forceful nature of the track, the drums are produced extremely well and sound like a full on jack hammer, add to that the stomping rhythms and you have a tune that really compliments Rusty’s mental guitar playing.

I wasn’t really aware of the band until now, but I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff as it sounds really promising. A new EP is on its way so make sure you get ready for that. This track is from their first E.P. Into The Fire – Pt.1 which is available here.

Give the video a watch and get ready to get your disco on when the ridiculously technical solo kicks in.

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