Davier Pérez Ortega – The Mirage Theory “The Dying & The Dead”

Hump day seems ripe for playthrough videos. You’re down in the dumps, slogging away at whatever soul-crushing job you do, and you need some inspiration and maybe a little rocking. And perhaps the visage of sunny Puerto Rico will liven your spirits as well.


Well this drum cam footage from The Mirage Theory’s drummer Davier Pérez Ortega has everything you’re looking for: amped up proggy thrash drumming straight to you from the Puerto Rican scene. The footage below features Ortega and his band ripping through “The Dying & The Dead.” And by the way, that’s a cool little 13″ Ddrum Dios snare he’s playing on there.

Source: Sick Drummer

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  • this video is not a good representation. I wish “Zellxak Media” had an idea of how to film drums so that people could actually follow along…

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