Darkness Divided… Themselves into 3 for a Simultaneous Playthrough Video

Look guys, I’d hate to be a stickler for math here, but if darkness is the absence of light, then its lumens measurement is zero, and you can’t divide it. You still get zero. You’re not achieving anything. True, it’s not as bad as dividing by zero, which basically just breaks the laws of numbers as we’ve conceptualized them. I suppose that Darkness Divided could be a roundabout way of saying Darkness Parted, like Moses parted the Red Sea, but it’s just a guess.


While we ponder the band’s cryptic naming conventions we can at least enjoy their playthrough videos, which are far more successful in multiplication than they are with division. They’ve managed to cram three separate movies into one YouTube clip by way of some eldritch mathemagician’s art. Contained in the arcane triangle are Christopher Mora on the bottom, Joseph Mora on the right, and Sebastian Elizondo on the left.

The track is “The Hands that Bled,” which can be heard on the band’s currently-in-stores LP Written in Blood. I guess the fellas have a blood motif going on, which would lend credence to that whole Moses/Old Testament theory I have. If you’d like to run any of these ideas past the band memebrs in person, you can catch them at one of the clandestine meetings detailed on their tour dates page.

And while we’re at it, here’s the music video for “The Hands that Bled.”

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  • I suppose you could be a sticker for math which would be pointless but it seems like you’re being a stickler for math in your article.

    • I see no such typos. You must have imagined that.

      • LOL changed it.

      • Also, five divided by three isn’t one or even three (the title of the article). It that’s what you’re getting at. But thanks for giving these guys exposure. They’re good kids. I was only fucking with you.

        • Well the way I was looking at it was that they took a single playthrough video and broke it into three pieces, but you raise a valid point. That may be more like multiplication than division. It’s like that picture that simultaneously looks like two faces about to kiss and also a candlestick. Gestalt psychology is trippy.

    • You spelled stickler wrong. HA HA HA.

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