CREVASSIAN Unleash The Fury Of The Winds With This Exclusive Bass Playthrough Of “Tempest”


Up-and-coming instrumental progressive metal outfit Crevassian have officially made their Gear Gods debut with this brand new exclusive bass playthrough for their song “Tempest”! Formed in August of 2015, the London-based band have been slaving away on some new tuneage, and have just released their first collection of songs via their debut EP. The music is groovy, brooding, and unrelenting, and to drive that point home is bassist Luke Fabian playing on the opening track “Tempest”, only right here, on Gear Gods!

If there’s one thing we love to see in metal from time to time, it’s bass being at the forefront of a mix. Fabian does an excellent job here of showing off his skills while not overcomplicating an already fairly dense and aggressive tune. The parts are complex and impressive, but also sit in perfectly with the rest of what is going on. Kudos!

You can buy/stream their self-titled debut EP on their Bandcamp, as well as follow these dudes on Facebook and Instagram. If they play their cards right, we can definitely see a bright future ahead for these gents.

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