Continuum Say It’s Wasp History Week, and Who Am I to Argue?


I can tell I’ve written up one too many playthroughs when my first thought is, “oooh, that’s a nice frame effect.” But it kind of is, isn’t it? Especially paired with that stark white background. Or should I say, ESPcially, given guitarist Chase Fraser’s manufacturer of choice.

Fraser is the mastermind behind Continuum, whose new record The Hypothosis may have dropped yesterday on Unique Leader. I can be sure of that statement because I’ve run it through rigorous scientific testing that mainly consisted of clicking links like this one.

The above video showcases Chase Fraser’s blazing fretwork on a track from that record, “Wasps in the History of the Weak.” You can try to Chase him by playing along, but good luck pal.


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  • Tech as fuck, but you’d think that having ex-Animosity and ex-Son of Aurelius members might help these guys compose more interesting riffs.

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