COGNIZANCE Teaches A SICKNESS LESSON In This Exclusive Guitar AND Bass Playthrough of “A Lesson Through Sickness”

Tech-death lovers rejoice! UK shredders Alex Baillie (Guitar) and Chris Binns (Bass) from COGNIZANCE have shown us the sickness in this brand new playthrough of their track “A Lesson Through Sickness,” taken off their debut album Malignant Dominion. After seven years and four EPs, Cognizance have finally blessed us with a full-length album, and the hard work has paid off. As we see in this playthrough alone, both Alex and Chris have insane chops and write the most tender-and-juicy-but-the-bone-is-still-intact-so-you-could-get-fucking-CUT riffs. The whole album is full of cool shit, and I highly suggest checking it out.


About the track, guitarist Alex Baillie had this to say:

“Since the release of our new record, the second track ‘A Lesson Through Sickness’ appears to be one of the fan favourites. To give you guys your fix of riffing from the track we put together this slick visual of Chris and I ripping through the parts. Now is also a good time to share the announcement that we’re looking for a second guitarist to join the band. Details on that in the YouTube description – show us what you’ve got!”

As for the audio chain and gear, here’s what the dudes are rockin’:

  • Ibanez 1527 – Dimarzio D Activator – Kemper Powerack – Countryman Type 85 – Universal Audio Apollo
  • Spector Euro LX – EMG P & J (minimal EQ) – Universal Audio Apollo
  • All tones by Jason Suecof & John Douglass.
  • Gear used in the footage (same as live set up):
  • Ibanez RG 752 – Dimarzio Imperium – Engl Artist Edition – Diezel 2×10
  • Spector Euro LX – EMG P & J pickups – Gallien Krueger- 2001RB

Lastly, the band is currently on the search for a second guitar player! The criteria are listed below, and if you know someone who’s got what it takes, shoot ’em an email at There are Guitar Pro tabs and PDF files available here for anyone who wishes to try and learn this track themselves. The bois will also make an appearance at the UK Tech Fest this summer so GO SEE THEM. Be sure to follow Cognizance on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • UK based (EU can be considered for the right fit)
  • Must have the chops to play our material to a tight standard
  • Competent with lead and rhythm guitar
  • Have motivation and drive to contribute to suitable music, ideas, and energy to the band
  • Able to travel to Leeds/Selby to write/jam (full band practices are infrequent)
  • Able to occasionally travel to Austria to practice


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