Beyond Creation Tappity-Tap Through This Full-Band Tech-Death Playthrough

I had a minor seizure watching the new playthrough from the tech-death band Beyond Creation, for their song “L’exorde” off last year’s Earthborn Evolution. Not so much because the music was unexpected in any way, but more because of the way this video was shot and edited – through its use of strange angles, wobbly equilibrium, and cuts mid-tap. Like it’s technical death metal meets Harmony Korinecore.


That being said, there’s scarcely a moment in this song and video where at least one member of the band isn’t tapping, sweeping, or arpeggiating. In other words, it’s tech-death. What did you expect?

I have to say, although new bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout does a solid job in his role (and in his multi-syllabic name), I do miss the touch that former bassist Dominic Forest-Lapointe brought to this band. Check it out and judge for yourself:

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