ARKAIK – Exclusive Guitar Playthrough by New Guitarist ALEX HADDAD

Arkaik has announced new guitarist Alex Haddad as a replacement for departing Greg Paulson, and to show the world what he’s capable of, they have presented this guitar playthrough of their track “The Eupnean Relic”, exclusively right here on Gear Gods
ARKAIK vocalist and founder Jared Christianson had this to say about Alex joining forces…
“We are excited to officially bring on board Alex Haddad to fill out second guitar duties in ARKAIK. We all feel really great about this addition to the lineup, and look forward to a new chapter with what I can confidently say is ARKAIK’s strongest incarnation.”
From Alex…

“As far as guitars, I use a Jackson SL7 Pro Series Soloist with a Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan SH-6 7 pickups, as well as a Schecter JL-7 Jeff Loomis Signature with a Floyd Rose and EMG pickups.

On stage I go direct-in with a Fractal Audio Axe-FX II XL+ and use a Matrix GT1000FX-2U power amplifier for a more familiar setup through a cabinet speaker. I use my Axe-FX for all home recordings and hook up my rig to a 4×12 Marshall 1960 Classic with Greenback speakers for rehearsals and jamming.

I feel very honored and excited to be joining Arkaik as a full time member. The band has a rich history of wickedly talented musicians that I have deep respect for, and having the opportunity to take part in this next chapter of the band with a fresh lineup of insane musicians who also happen to be incredible, genuine people brings me great joy. Each release has been unique from it’s predecessor, yet Arkaik totally has a signature sound. It’s very technical but in a brutal, pummeling way. It’s melodic and colorful yet never corny and bright. It’s simultaneously futuristic and ancient. The possibilities of sound that can be explored through Arkaik are limitless, and I feel that this established groundwork is going to allow my creativity to flourish. I cannot wait to contribute my own style to the band’s ever-evolving sound and I very much look forward to all the future shows to be played and friends to be made!”

Arkaik recently completed the Devastation on the Nation tour with a ton of other sick metal bands.
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