ARCHSPIRE: a Couple of Humans Release New Guitar Playthrough For “HUMAN MURMURATION”


Do you like notes? Like, a lot of notes? And not just any kind of notes. We’re talkin’ good notes. What about ridiculously fast-paced vocals? You like those too? Well, Vancouver-based tech metal band Archspire delivers the goods time and time again. And now the band has released a fresh, spicy guitar playthrough for the song “Human Murmuration” off their newest 2017 album Relentless Mutation. Voted “Coolest and Also Most Unsettling” album cover of the year, Relentless Mutation is something you simply can’t look away from. Did we mention you can buy a shower curtain of it?

In this video, guitarists Dean and Tobi give us those sweet close-up shots to show exactly what’s going on during the constant barrage of notes. It doesn’t really help us understand what they’re doing any better, but at least it proves that they’re probably human. From melodic tapping to tremelo-based blast beat sections, the dudes have the fuckin’ chops, and make it look easy as hell while shredding the day away.

The band is currently preparing for an insane tour with Origin, Dyscarnate, and a bunch of other sick bands in October, so get your tickets now before they’re sold out! To catch them at one of the dates out on the road, follow their Facebook, and while you’re at it, hit up their Bandcamp and Indiemerch pages, yo.

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